Community Connectors

Community Connectors is a program that connects direct support professionals to work one-on-one with children, youth and adults on skill building both in the home and in the community.

The Arc makes this super easy:

  • The Arc recruits, screens and hires direct support professionals, including bilingual professionals who can support Spanish-speaking individuals
  • Representatives from The Arc meet with parents to learn about their child’s specific support needs and their family’s values.
  • The Arc then recommends support professionals to families and then the families interview and select a support professional who is the best fit.

In some cases, parents may already know of a person who they may want to hire to work with their son or daughter. The Arc may be able to hire this person as an employee, as long as this person meets the safety and training requirements of being a support service provider.

For more information about this program, email Shoshanah Adams, Community Connectors Associate Director, or call 541-343-5256 ext. 107.

Community Connectors Success Story

Taison is learning, growing and thriving, thanks to The Arc’s Community Connectors program, which helped find direct support professionals to help Taison learn new skills and be actively involved in his community. Read Taison’s amazing story of defying the odds and exceeding expectations.

Funding for Support Services

Funding for support services is available through Lane County Developmental Disabilities. Contact Lane County Developmental Disabilities or The Arc Lane County directly to learn more.