The Robbins Family




This is what The Arc park would provide to the Robbins family.


Sharon Robbins is the parent of nine children, eight of whom were adopted and who experience various disabilities, including autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and developmental delays.


There are very few places, other than their own backyard, where Robbin’s children can be turned loose to play on their own. Some of her kids are prone to wandering and others require more supports when out in the community.


In addition to having ADA-accesssible playground equipment, The Arc Park will be fully fenced, making it one of only a few parks that is safely enclosed in the Eugene/Springfield area.


“The Arc Park will be a place my whole family can go, and everyone will be safe and everyone will find something to do,” says Robbins. “My kids will be free to frolic and make their own choices. And, my husband and I will be more at ease knowing our children are in a safe environment.”