Arc Park

The Arc Park will be a place where children of all abilities can play.


All children deserve an opportunity to play, socialize and imagine. Of course, a natural place for children to play is the neighborhood playground, yet for children who experience a disability, the local playground is not an option because of access barriers.


For this reason, The Arc is committed to building a fully inclusive and welcoming park where imaginations can soar, children can flourish and the greater community can thrive. 




The Arc Park will be a safe and inclusive community playground that will help foster friendships and personal growth and provide learning and fun for people of all abilities.




The Arc Park will go beyond merely providing specialized equipment. This amazing play space will fulfill a community need and give people the opportunity to exercise both their bodies and minds. 


The three main goals of the park:

  1. Create social equity and inclusion and promote diversity through play; 
  2. Build on the principles of universal design to create intergenerational play and learning opportunities; and 
  3. Promote physical and mental well-being through the social determinants of health.

We envision a park where we all play and reap the benefits.