The Arc Lane County Partners with Two Rivers-Dos Rios Elementary (TRDR) to Host “Mission: Nutrition” Day



Kris Seibel

Communications Specialist, Springfield Public Schools

Desk: 541-726-3347; Cell: 541-206-8572


Springfield, Ore. — October 22, 2019 — The Arc Lane County and about 30 employees and volunteers from surrounding businesses and organizations will host Mission: Nutrition.  Students will be taught about nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet. The event will culminate with a farmer’s market. Every student will take a bag of fresh produce home.


When: Thursday, October 24th from 9:00 to 11:00 am


What: The Arc of Lane County Mission: Nutrition Day


Where: Two Rivers-Dos Rios Elementary, 1084 G Street, Springfield


Visuals: Kindergarten through fifth grade students will be engaged in visual activities designed to teach them about nutrition. Kids will go shopping in a farmer’s market using what they just learned to pick out fresh produce to take home and share with their families.


Central Characters: Participating students are available for interviews. Volunteers are available for interviews. TRDR teachers/administrators are available for interviews. The Arc of Lane County will have Angela Phinney, Assistant Executive Director, available to interview.


Background: Mission: Nutrition is made possible through a grant and a partnership between the Corporation for National Community Service, The Arc of US, The Arc of Lane County, Springfield Twin Rivers Rotary and TRDR.


In part, TRDR was chosen through an existing partnership with Springfield Twin Rivers Rotary in helping with their community garden. TRDR is of particular interest because many of its students are eligible for free or reduced meals.


All presentations and activities will be done PER CLASSROOM. Students will see a PowerPoint presentation on the five food groups, balanced diet, healthy choices, etc. Kindergartners will be working on a packet of coloring in different fruits and vegetables and matching the foods that come from certain animals. First and second grade students will be presented with an “Eat a Rainbow Everyday” activity where they will get to individually draw and cut out grocery ads to place fruits and vegetables corresponding to each color of the rainbow. Students in grades 3-5 will be put into groups of 4-5 students within their classroom to collaborate on each creating their own FIVE ingredient healthy recipe. We will be collecting every student recipe, making copies and binding cookbooks, which will be distributed to every student and other local nonprofits. All of these activities will call for student collaboration and teamwork. Volunteers will work with students while engaging in healthy eating conversations.


Erika Hiner, Volunteer Coordinator | 541-343-5256 Ext. 146, cell 541-206-8345