The WalkersThe Walker family learned about The Arc Lane County’s Families Connected during their son Soren’s fifth-grade year and began participating in activities in the summer of 2015. The friendships both Soren and Rebecca made through Families Connected have been wonderful.

Families Connected is a parent-led organization that supports parents in their journey of raising a child with a disability. Through Families Connected, Rebecca has met and bonded with several other parents who are traveling a similar journey as she.

“I value the support I get from other parents,” says Rebecca. “We are able to share our challenges and successes, collaborate and problem-solve in a non-judgmental environment. It is a relief to know there are other parents who understand and who will support me when my child is having a hard time.”

Families Connected has provided an array of activities and educational opportunities throughout the school year that have benefited both Soren and Rebecca.

“I have attended parent trainings and we are blessed to have fun activities during school breaks and the summer months that allow Soren to interact with other children and experience new and fun opportunities out in community,” notes Rebecca.

Families Connected is one of ten family networks in the state of Oregon designed to help families living in Lane County who are raising a child (birth to 18 years) with a disability. To learn more about the family networks, visit the Oregon Consortium of Family Networks.

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