Where Can I Get Tested?

Center for Disease Control (CDC):

Oregon Health Authority (OHA):

Lane County Public Health (LCPH):

Register online for a testing clinic. You will receive a confirmation notification where you MUST complete the UO Map Lab registration form prior to your arrival. Register as a “Community Member” and choose “Lane County Public Health Testing Event” as the location. Form must be complete – including the HIPAA consent – prior to providing your sample.

If you test positive:

Contact Lane County Public Health: 

Contact Oregon Health Authority: 

If you have been exposed or you feel sick:

Get tested:

***Rights to Support: People with disabilities have the right to have access to support people if they are admitted to a hospital or visit the emergency room. Read the Hospital Support Persons flyer to understand these rights, and download and print the document in the event a hospital visit is necessary.***

Stay home:

  • If you test positive and have symptoms and are unvaccinated, stay home and away from other people for five days. Wear a well-fitting mask for an additional five days.
  • If you are up to date on your vaccines, you do not need to stay home or miss work if you have been exposed, but you must wear a proper mask around others for 10 days.
  • Neither the CDC nor OHA has a specific recommendation or requirement regarding COVID-19 testing before returning to work. If your employer requires testing or you want to take a test, the CDC’s guidance is to use an antigen test toward the end of your five-day isolation period.

Collect the test sample only if you are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and your other symptoms have improved (loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation). If your test result is positive, you should continue to isolate until day 10. If your test result is negative, you can end isolation, but continue to wear a well-fitting mask around others at home and in public until day 10.