Community Need

Common Park Barriers

With one in seven children in the United States living with a disability, inclusive parks are more important than ever. While many parks are accessible per the standards established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there are still unintended barriers that prevent many families from enjoying their local playgrounds. For example, bark chips are a common surface material found at many local parks; however, for a child who uses a wheelchair for mobility, bark chips make it difficult to easily access the equipment or engage in a game of tag with friends. 

In addition, many local playgrounds do not have safety enclosures, which presents a safety concern for families with children who experience autism and who may be prone to wandering or elopement.

Safety and Accessibility Top Priority 

The Arc Park will remove barriers that prevent children and youth from enjoying parks and reaping the benefits of play. In addition to accessible play structures and a variety of activities that will appeal to many different tastes, the park will feature a safety enclosure to keep children safe. The park will also feature an accessible turf that will allow children who use wheelchairs to easily engage in a friendly game of hide-and-seek or tag. Every aspect of the Arc Park has been vetted to ensure the park will be a destination play space for children of all abilities. 

Where We All Play

Our vision is to create a space that will provide everyone the opportunity to play, regardless of their age, ability or background. Through design innovation that promotes rich and diverse play experiences, the Arc Park will accommodate a neurodiverse audience of children, youth and families. Quite simply, there will be something for everyone to enjoy at the  Arc Park.

Filling a Need

Watch this video to hear Laura’s story and the challenges she experienced in keeping her children safe at a local park.  

Robbins Family Eager to Play

Read how the Arc Park will give everyone in the Robbins Family the freedom to play and frolic in a safe space.  

Joy, Hope & Goodness

Listen to Jesus share all the wonderful things he believes the Arc Park will provide to people in our community.