Equality for All

As an agency that consistently and constantly advocates for the equal rights and fair treatment of the disability populace, the world’s largest minority, The Arc Lane County’s mission statement includes the following in its beliefs:

            • Treating all individuals with dignity and respect, accepting their uniqueness and advocating for individuals to be treated equally in the community.
            • Celebrating diversity and valuing equity and inclusion.

While The Arc’s work is focused on so many aspects of the direct support of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the ideals behind these beliefs are also deeply and naturally applied to all people of color, the LGBTQ community, indigenous peoples and every marginalized population in this country.

The Arc Lane County is devoted to the vision of a world where everyone, regardless of disability, race or minority status has the supports they need for personal development and full inclusion in their community. We pledge to achieve this through advancing knowledge, advocating self-determination and acceptance while promoting these values.

We support every person who is feeling the agonizing and severe hurt of systemic racism, prejudice and marginalization. We unquestionably reject anyone or system that discriminates against any person for any reason, and The Arc Lane County recognizes that a responsibility of our mission is to strive to change these systems.

The injustices of society are all too clear during these troubled times. The Arc will remain standing together in solidarity, love and unity with all who continue to fight for equality, freedom and justice for everyone.