Happy employees, happy customers
The most valuable asset The Arc has is its employees. Each one of our employees is a customer of The Arc. The Arc believes if its employees are valued and treated with respect, they will be better equipped to provide excellent customer service to the people we serve.

Internal brand excellence
The Arc is only as good as our team makes it. Team members are ambassadors for The Arc.

Personal values
The Arc is founded on passion and personal values of our mission. The Arcs employees come to work because they share the vision of changing minds, changing values, and changing lives for people that experience I/DD.

Moral Compass
Just because someone else is doing it does not make it right. We encourage team members to follow their own moral compass when making decisions.

Run a better business
The Arc cannot do what we do without our employees. Our employees make a difference every day they come to work. The Arc believes in full community inclusion, regardless of disability. The Arc’s success depends on the quality of our team members. 

Maximize potential
We must trust and support each other to maximize our potential. This includes hiring the right people for the right job. We are dedicated to help each employee develop their skills and advance within their field.  

Being part of something great
Real success is finding your lifework in the work you love. The Arc is a forerunner in creating unique and creative options for individuals with I/DD and their families. We make it good – you make it great!