The Arc Lane County has a long history of innovation in the development of community-based services for persons with I/DD and developmental disabilities. In our 60 year history The Arc has started the following programs, many of which continue to grow and flourish to this day.

1952 - 1968:

Pearl Buck School, a forerunner in providing educational services to children with who experience an intellectual disability.

1970 - 1974:

Alvord-Taylor Houses originally developed as a model program for providing residential services to adults who experience an intellectual disability. Model home in the community versus a large institution.

1976 - 1979:

Summer Challenge, a progressive wilderness program serving youth with and without disabilities.

1979 - 1980:

McNair House, a prototype for providing residential services for adults with who experience an intellectual disability and are in wheel chairs.

1984 - 1989:

Full Potential, one of the initial programs in the state to focus on providing residential services in small group homes (five people or less).

1985 - 1988:

Opportunities and Programming for People with Intensive Needs, one of the first programs in the state of Oregon, outside of the state institution, to provide residential services to children who experience an intellectual disability and challenging behaviors.

1989 - 1993:

Parent Access: a pilot project funded by the Oregon Developmental Disabilities Council to provide parent training and in-home support for parents with cognitive limitations whose children were at risk for abuse and neglect.

1993 - 1999:

The Home of Your Own Program, the first program in the state that promoted self-sufficiency for people with developmental disabilities by increasing access to affordable housing, including home ownership.

1999 - 2001:

Waitlist Campaign

2001 - 2002:

Aided in development of Full Access Brokerage to deliver comprehensive services to adults with I/DD.